How to eat caviar


Once you decide to give caviar a try, the concern becomes how should it be eaten?


The right caviar serving package

High quality caviar is traditionally served extremely cold and alone in a crystal, or some other non-metallic bowl, that has been nestled inside an ice-filled larger bowl, to ensure the caviar remains as cold as possible. Silver or metal specifically is not used, including metal utensils, because of concerns regarding oxidation. If metal bowls or utensils are used, a metallic taste may ruin the caviar. The exception to this is the use of gold. For this reason, bowls are typically made from crystal, glass, wood, plastic (although many consider the use of plastic as gauche) or even tortoise shell or bone.


The right caviarspoon

Mother-of-pearl and gold are considered to be the most traditional serving spoons, yet they too can be made of bone or glass, to avoid the tinny taste of the use of silver or other metals.





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