What to eat together with caviar


Truly fine caviar should be served only with accompaniments that will not interfere with the flavor of the caviar itself. For this reason, caviar is most often served with unsalted, flavorless crackers or simple toast points. For caviar of lesser quality, it may be served with condiments including: sour cream, lemon, créme frâiche, minced onion, or even hard-boiled eggs with the whites and yolks crumbled separately.


Blinis with caviar

A traditional Russian recipe for consuming caviar is found in blini. These delicious buckwheat pancakes can be served a variety of ways that include caviar. Once the blinis are made, topping them with sour cream and caviar is a favorite of many gourmands. Or, if you're feeling a bit peckish, topping the freshly made blini with a dollop of créme frâiche, followed by a slice of smoked salmon, another dollop of créme frâiche, and finally a small amount of caviar, is another delicious way to enjoy this decadent treat.


What to drink while eating caviar?

Although caviar and champagne is the stereotypical vision of this luxury indulgence, some caviar experts often disagree with this choice of beverage. Instead, many prefer to imbibe in a shot of high quality frozen vodka. Others prefer a highly chilled fine white wine.


Despite this disagreement, most agree that limiting one's consumption of caviar is appropriate. A well-mannered guest will limit himself to a maximum of approximately two spoonfuls of caviar, at any one gathering.





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